Hello, the end!

Welcome to

Rana Tales!

So, it’s the end of 2018. Christmas is behind us and we have days until it’s 2019!


No way! Yeah way. Anyway, I know a lot of great people who have awesome things to say, do, and experience which inspired me enough to start my own website! First post! Whoo hoo!I guess this counts as my Millenial right of passage, right?

What is this website about?

Well, this website is still in its experimental phase. For now I will update projects I’m in the process of doing or some musings and comments about the ‘haps in life. Maybe you can relate, maybe not. Maybe I can entertain you for a bit. Who knows?!

So onward, and upward because that’s the only way to go!

Here, take this encouragement with you

I’ve always been embarrassed about my appearance because the one comment I keep hearing over and over is, “you look so much younger than you actually are!” I went grocery shopping once and the woman scanning my food said:


Shopping for what? Groceries or self-confidence? She thought I was 14 and even asked a coworker to come over and guess my age. Jeez, lady, way to be subtle about it.

But then I get texts from my mom every morning that say things like:


which is crazy to think about because my mom was born in, grew up around, and participated in war, so I think of her as a literal warrior. She’s a nurse now, so she’s a warrior of a different kind. I have other friends I think of as warriors, too. Warrior power, you guys. Harness that s—t. It’s powerful.

It has really helped me do things I wouldn’t otherwise do like move to Colorado. It was pure excitement at first but it got scary shortly after I arrived. I essentially had to start from scratch. No bed, no furniture, and very few people I knew who lived here. I definitely cried within the first hour of arriving.

Surprise, I’m still alive! And really grateful to everyone who helped along the way. So how do you become a warrior? Do you, boo. Get out there and take a chance, you already are a warrior.